January 28, 2013

Weekly report #10

FIDE : 1416 (+0)
chess.com (correspondence) : 1840 (+22)
It's more than 100 points improvement on my CC rating. That's a small victory !
I hope my OTB rating will have the same increase, that would be a real victory.

"Build up your chess"
I re-read chapter 21.

"Sharpen your tactics!"    
I did puzzles 380 to 428.

Goals for next week
My life is little bit chaotic at the moment, so I won't set up any goals (I don't know if I will have much time to study chess).

1 comment:

  1. Hope you can get back into your training soon. I find that doing something (even if not everything you want) is still often good, both for your chess and your overall state of mind.